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Firma Argentum Biżuteria Rafał i Konrad Stachurscy sp.jawna otrzymała z PARP dofinansowanie na realizację projektu ze środków POIR w ramach działania 3.4. Dotacje na Kapitał Obrotowy Programu Operacyjnego Inteligentny Rozwój 2014-2020
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Our history


Argentum was established after the 1st world war in 1920. The founder, Wladyslaw Stachurski, decided to open a small workshop dedicated to bronze & silver in Lodz. His passion and dedication was quickly passed to his family members as well and after the 2nd WW Bronislaw Stachursky (grandfather of current owners) continued this jewelry tradition.


In the 70s, the whole business was moved from Lodz to Plock. In the 80s Argentum has undergone major change, where it transferred it’s business from jewelry service, to jewelry production.At this stage, Argentum already employed over 200 people. The quality and professionalism of Stachurski family was recognized by the Minister of Culture and Art him self. He rewarded Argentum with a prestige status “Tworcy” (translated as THE CREATORS). Thanks to this, Argentum could successfully perform under the communist regime.


In the year 1995, after the political and economical reform, brothers Rafal & Konrad Stachurski created the brand Argentum Bizuteria. That’s when they became the 4th generation continuing the family business and tradition. With this move, they expanded their production of silver and gold jewelry with diamonds and started to be recognized as a big jewelry producer worldwide.

Well Known Brand

One of the biggest success for Argentum was the contract with Tiffany & Co, one of the best known jewelry brand in the world. The CEOs of Tiffany & Co. were negotiating with Slovakian, Hungarian, Czech Republic and Polish companies, where after all those meetings Argentum was contracted to make the order.

Later on, Argentum started to cooperate with Jewelers of America, which placed an order for 10th thousands pcs of jewelry. And it didn't stop there. Argentum is recognized in Great Britain, Austria, France, Italy, Latvia & Scandinavian countries, where it produces jewelry for local well known jewelry brands.