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Firma Argentum Biżuteria Rafał i Konrad Stachurscy sp.jawna otrzymała z PARP dofinansowanie na realizację projektu ze środków POIR w ramach działania 3.4. Dotacje na Kapitał Obrotowy Programu Operacyjnego Inteligentny Rozwój 2014-2020
Sfinansowano w ramach reakcji Unii na pandemię COVID-19

We combine tradition and new technologies

Argentum with it's 100 year history has a long a proven record for passion in jewelry production. Our technologies and experience allow us to produce jewelry in mass production as well as create individual and specialized orders.



We do our casting on the top of the class machines like Schultheiss and Yasui. We have huge experience in casting precious metals into wax or rubber forms, with or without the precious stone applied in the form. We can enrich the precious metals to your specifics, whether it's silver, gold, bronze,brass or other metals.


3D prototyping

We create 3D prototypes of whole collections or single projects. We use the industry standards software like Matrix and do our 3D printing on the HD printer 3D Solidscape.



All of our mass and large quantities polishing is done on german OTEC polishing machines. If the jewellery requires a special touch, we have a dedicated team for hand polishing on site.



To apply your custom patterns we do the engraving on the top of the class Smart Laser Fiber engraving machine dedicated for jewelry precise work.



Every jewelry is coated with a protective film, in order to protect the base metal. We can apply coating in mass quantities to your specif or cover a small area by hand by our experienced plating team.